My original goal in creating WACK is IDOL was to make WACK more accessible to those who only know English, and wish they could understand lyrics and interviews. I wanted the site to be a place with all the information in one convenient place. I hoped that in doing so, the international WACK community would grow and more people would come to love WACK as I do. With the rising popularity of BiSH over the past several years, and other English websites popping up, I feel this goal has been reached.

It’s becoming more and more apparent that as soon as I upload any new information to the site, it is copied across to other places without permission and with no credit given. As I’m just one person working on the site, spending what little free time I have to keep the it updated, I’ve started to wonder what the point is.

And so I’ve decided to no longer update the site anymore. I will leave it open, as to not waste the past 4 years of work, but I will no longer be paying to keep it live. The domain is set to expire mid 2023, so be sure to bookmark the site if you want to come back.

Thank you for all the love and support over the years – Long live WACK!


KASHiWACK (Kashiwagi Yuki x WACK)

Kashiwagi Yuki (柏木由紀) is a member of AKB48’s Team B. It was announced on January 20, 2021 that she would be collaborating with WACK producer Watanabe Junosuke to release her first solo single in over 7 years. The title was announced as [CAN YOU WALK WITH ME??] and release was scheduled for March 3, 2021.

On March 9, 2021 a video was released on a brand new YouTube account teasing an upcoming announcement between Yuki and WACK. On April 9, 2021 a video was posted to the channel revealing to fans, and to Yuki herself, that she would be temporarily joining all 7 current WACK groups, releasing a single with each. Over the coming months more videos were posted on the YouTube channel, showing Yuki meeting all WACK groups/member for the first time. In her video meeting BiSH, released April 16, 2021, her WACK name was decided as Yuki Reysole (ユキ・レイソレ)

The inital release of the collaboration singles was scheduled for August 31, 2021 but Yuki was diagnosed with Syringomyelia and had to undergo surgery. After returning to her idol activities, another video was released, October 8, 2021 announcing the new release dates and official titles. At the same time [VOTE!! WACK SELECT 7] was revealed. Every single contains a voting slip for fans to vote for their favourite members. The top 7 would go on to join Kashiwagi Yuki in forming a new group, a group that she herself will produce. The results of this voting process will be announced December 27, 2021 at a special event titled [柏木由紀なりのWACK EXHiBiTiON and SELECT 7]

BiS [柏木由紀なりのBiS-ANYTiME ANYTHiNG-] – 31/11/2021

1. 柏木由紀なりのBiS-ANYTiME ANYTHiNG- [MV]
2. STUPiD <KASHiWACK ver.>
3. 柏木由紀なりのBiS-ANYTiME ANYTHiNG- (off vocal ver.)
4. STUPiD <KASHiWACK ver.> (off vocal ver.)

BiSH [柏木由紀なりのBiSH-BAD TEMPER-] – 31/11/2021

1. 柏木由紀なりのBiSH-BAD TEMPER- [MV]
2. オーケストラ <KASHiWACK ver.>
3. 柏木由紀なりのBiSH-BAD TEMPER- (off vocal ver.)
4. オーケストラ <KASHiWACK ver.> (off vocal ver.)

GO TO THE BEDS [柏木由紀なりのGO TO THE BEDS-TRUE SONG-] – 31/11/2021

2. 現状間違いなくGO TO THE BEDS <KASHiWACK ver.>
3. 柏木由紀なりのGO TO THE BEDS-TRUE SONG- (off vocal ver.)
4. 現状間違いなくGO TO THE BEDS <KASHiWACK ver.> (off vocal ver.)

PARADISES [柏木由紀なりのPARADISES-夏のバカヤロー-] – 31/11/2021

1. 柏木由紀なりのPARADISES-夏のバカヤロー- [MV]
3. 柏木由紀なりのPARADISES-夏のバカヤロー- (off vocal ver.)
4. PARADISES RETURN <KASHiWACK ver.> (off vocal ver.)

EMPiRE [柏木由紀なりのEMPiRE-時間が足りない-] – 31/11/2021

1. 柏木由紀なりのEMPiRE-時間が足りない- [MV]
2. ピアス <KASHiWACK ver.>
3. 柏木由紀なりのEMPiRE-時間が足りない- (off vocal ver.)
4. ピアス <KASHiWACK ver.> (off vocal ver.)

MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN [柏木由紀なりの豆柴の大群-ずっと気になるズッキーニ-] – 31/11/2021

1. 柏木由紀なりの豆柴の大群-ずっと気になるズッキーニ- [MV]
2. りスタート <KASHiWACK ver.>
3. 柏木由紀なりの豆柴の大群-ずっと気になるズッキーニ- (off vocal ver.)
4. りスタート <KASHiWACK ver.> (off vocal ver.)

ASP [柏木由紀なりのASP-AGAiNST THE WORLD-] – 31/11/2021

2. A Song of Punk <KASHiWACK ver.>
3. 柏木由紀なりのASP-AGAiNST THE WORLD- (off vocal ver.)
4. A Song of Punk <KASHiWACK ver.> (off vocal ver.)


WACK is IDOL – 2021 Update

Thank you for all the love and support over the past few years! When I first started up the site several years back, I honestly didn’t expect it to be as popular as it is. The site was always suppost to simply be a place for me to hoard information, but somehow it’s amounted over quarter of a million views!

It’s been well over a year now that I haven’t been personally involved in the fandom at all, and have barely translated a thing, but I’m still going to try and keep the site as up-to-date as I can, even if it’s just the basics.

Thank you for everything so far, and I hope you continue to find the site useful. I’m working on a little something that I think everyone will like.. so stay tuned!


Quick Japan x WACK Book Scans & English Translation

waxckIf you can afford to buy the WACK Book yourself, you can purchase it from Amazon Japan, where it can be shipped worldwide.

I’m currently working on scanning & translating the Quick Japan Special Issue WACK Book. Once I have scanned and translated a certain section of the book, I will upload the images onto a Google Doc and also provide a download link for the images. If you wish to gain access to the raw scans (4960×7015) check out my Patreon.

Quick Japan x WACK Book ENG Pages 0 – 63 (Missing pages 61 – 62, mini article, currently 70% translated)
View     Download     File Size: 256.92MB     Password = QJWACKBook2018

 Quick Japan x WACK Book ENG Pages 64 – 69
View     Download     File Size: 2.83MB     Password = QJWACKBook2018

 Quick Japan x WACK Book ENG Pages 158 – 161
View     Download     File Size: 10.43MB     Password = QJWACKBook2018
Present Application Slip & Guide on how to use it View

Check back on this page in their near future for new updates! 

Interviews, Translations

Translated Interviews

interer.pngUsing my translations, the amazing Aika has translated some interviews into Spanish! Click on the flags below to view in the respective languages.

Want to see something translated? Request it here!