3rd Generation BiS Complete History

June 11 – 3rd generation officially starts. Members announced, covered faces revealed. 5 members – Itou Musensiteebu, Chantmonkee, Neo Trees, Toggy, Manako Chiii Manako
July 30 – [BiS-どうやらゾンビのおでまし] censored music video released
August 1Itou Musensiteebu became first member to reach 15,000 Twitter followers and reveal her face. Manako Chiii Manako came second
August 2Neo Trees became third member to reach milestone, followed by Chantmonkee and finally Toggy
August 4 – [BiS-どうやらゾンビのおでまし] Uncensored music video released
August 13Manako Chiii Manako leaves group, citing differening opinions on the group’s direction
August 14 – [Brand-new idol Society] album released. Also released 3 non-album songs onto their Soundcloud
October 1Zuzu Death joins group
October 7Zuzu Death leaves group, before debut or face reveal due to family reasons
November 2 – Took part in 24 hour long 200km marathon against CARRY LOOSE. BiS lost race
November 5 – [DEAD or A LiME] music video released
November 20 – [DEAD or A LiME] single released
November 24 – BiS performs as CARRY LOOSE’s opening act following the marathon defeat

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January 3 – [BASKET BOX] music video released. It was also announced that Chantmonkee will be taking part in the WACK Joint Audition 2020
January 28 – [STUPiD (NEW TYPE Ver.)] music video released
February 5 – [LOOKiE] album released