BELL NARDO / ベル・ナルド

  • Audition Name: Teratairuku Yuka / テラタイリク・ユウカ
  • Joined: May 30, 2021 (Wagg)

She loves action movies, especially The Avengers and Jackie Chan films. She fell in love with the genre due to her father’s influence. [x]

Her love of idols started when her sister fell in love with Bell especially loves affectionate, energetic idols so was especially drawn to Yumemi Nemu. After this, she gradually started going to live shows and looking up other groups on YouTube. She discovered WACK after watching the two audition documentaries [世界でいちばん悲しいオーディション] and [IDOL -あゝ無情-] with her sister, and she found herself longing to be on stage. [x]

Throughout school life, she was always apart of one musical group or another. She often listens to Oomori Seiko and CreepHyp. She prefers certain songs over the artist themselves. [x]

She joined WAgg after successfully passing the 2021 WACK Audition.

WAgg – Trainee Idol Group – May 30, 2021 – present day

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