BiSH Collaborations and Tie-ins

BiSH x ラグナドール / Ragnador
July 27, 2021
Ragnador is a mobile game that has collaborated with BiSH since it’s inception. BiSH are in mulitple commercials promoting the game, as well as their past songs being used in the game as background music. Ayuni D also sings a rearranged version of the traditional, Japanese lullabye ‘とおりゃんせ’ which is used in an in-game cutscene. Several of the members have also had characters inspired by them, which their provide the voices for:

Cent Chihiro Chittiii – Azukiarai
Ayuni D – Kurabokko

BiSH x COLORR GENERATION / BiSH x カラージェネレーション
October 8, 2019


BiSH x UHA Mikakuto Gumi General Election Campaign / BiSH x UHA味覚糖グミ総選挙キャンペーン
August 3, 2018 – August 31, 2018
UHA Mikakuto is a sweets company in Japan. For this campaign, the BiSH girls are each responsible of one of the brand’s products. Members of the public can vote for their favourite member by buying a certain amount of each product and sending a picture of the receipt to UHA on LINE. The BiSH member in first place by the end of the campaign will receive a special prize from UHA. Check out each girl’s PR video below:


BiSH x Hello Kitty
BiSH’s collaboration with Hello Kitty began with merchandise – a Dustman T-Shirt and BiSH IDOL Hello Kitty plushes. More recently, utilising the partnership/collaboration with Round One, BiSH and Hello Kitty have released a key chains of each member and mini plushes with each member’s colour.


Each BiSH member designed their own ZIPPO lighter case and a limited number were then made. Each lighter also came with a unique, signed cheki. 

BiSH x Elecom Earphones
The group filmed a review of the earphones


BiSH x Fender
Fender Telecaster Thinline “BiSH”
Fender Gituar3