BiSH Complete History

January 14 – Watanabe Junnosuke announces plans to create another BiS, this time called ‘BiSH’. Auditions for girls aged 17 to 28 went live
March 10 – 5 founding members revealed – Yukako Love Deluxe, Cent Chihiro Chittiii, Momoko Gumi Company, Aina The End, and Hug Me
March 27Yukako Love Deluxe leaves group before debut due to anxiety
March 27 – [Brand-new idol Shit] album released
April 28 – [BiSH-星が瞬く夜に] music video released
August 5 – Two new members added to group – Hashiyasume Atusko and LingLing
August 14 – [OTNK] music video released
September 2 – [OTNK] single released
November 20 – [ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE] music video released

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January 7 – [MONSTERS] music video released
January 19 – During the finale of their [IDOL is SHiT] tour, they announced their departure from Sub Trax to major debut under Avex Trax
January 20 – [Fake Metal Jacket] album released
April 5 – [DEADMAN] music video released
May 4 – [DEADMAN] single released
June 6 – BiSH x POP 200km 24 hour relay marathon
June 26Hug Me leaves due to family circumstances
July 17 – [BiSH x The LEGENDARY SIX NINE – CHAOS PARTY] venue limited single released
August 1Ayuni D announced as new member
September 9 – [オーケストラ] music video released
October 5 – [本当本気] music video released
October 5 – [KiLLER BiSH] album released
December 1 – A free live was held titled, ‘iN THE END’ was held to mark Aina The End’s brief departure to undergo surgery on her vocal polyps

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January 18 – [Less Than SEX TOUR FiNAL “帝王切開’ 日比谷野外大音楽堂] DVD released. Two unreleased songs come as part of the limited edition blu-ray bonus
January 27 – Announcement of upcoming join WACK audition – Aina The End and Hashiyasume Atusko are to take part
March 2 – [プロミスザスター] music video released
March 22 – [プロミスザスター] single released
March 28 – WACK Audition 2017 begins
April 2 – BiSH song [社会のルール] from the upcoming GiANT KiLLERS EP was used as the opening theme song for anime ‘Heybot!’
June 12 – [GiANT KiLLERS] music video released
June 28 – [GiANT KiLLERS] EP released
June 31 – [Nothing.] music video released
August 31 – Collaboration campaign with 7-Eleven. BiSH feature in commercial singing [ありがとう、おでん] song
October 2 – Shuffle unit SAiNT SEX announced – Aina The End and Ayuni D represent BiSH. [WACK is FXXX] music video released
October 29 – [THE GUERiLLA BiSH] album released
November 4[My Landscape] music video released
November 21beat mints boyz released a music video covering BiSH’s song [スパーク]
November 30 – [SMACK baby SMACK] MV released
November 13 – WACK General Election announced – a popularity contest for fans to vote for their favourite. Voting starts December 6
December 6 – [WACK & SCRAMBLES WORKS] album released – featuring WACK classics, covered by different groups/members. Each purchase of the album gives you one vote in the WACK General Election
December 30 – WACK General Election live streamed, votes calculated and announced. BiSH members who ranked in the Top 15 – 1st. Cent Chihiro Chittiii (904 votes), 2nd Aina The End (877 votes), 3rd. Ayuni D (653 votes), 7th. Momoko Gumi Company (317 votes) and 15th. Hashiyasume Atsuko (167 votes). Cent Chihiro Chittiii and Aina The End are both awarded with the promise of a solo debut single

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January 9 – Upcoming song [PAiNT it BLACK] is used as the opening theme song for anime ‘Black Clover’. The song was used from episode 14 – 27
February 2 – [JAM] music video released
February 22 – All BiSH members featured in the music video for EMPiRE‘s latest song [Buttocks Beat! Beat!]
March 9 – Song [Life is beautiful] used as theme song for the TV drama, 彼氏をローンで買いました
March 12 – WACK Joint Audition 2018 begins. Momoko Gumi Company takes part, representing BiSH
March 18 – WACK EXHiBiTiON marks end of company wide audition.
March 23 – [PAiNT it BLACK] music video released
March 28 – [PAiNT iT BLACK] single released
April 1 – Collaboration campaign between BiSH and Round1 Sports Entertainment. BiSH feature in TV commercials, posters, and all store have collaboration merchandise, including BiSH x Hello Kitty goods
April 3 – [HiDE THE BLUE] music video released
April 4 – Song [HiDE THE BLUE] used as the ending theme song for anime ‘3D Kanojo: Real Girl’
April 10 – BiSH featured in a collaboration with drink Kirin Lemon, recording a song and commercials for their latest campaign [透明なままでゆけ]
May 28 – [Life is beautiful] music video released
June 20 – [Life is beautiful / HiDE the BLUE] single released
June 26 – [NON TiE-UP] music video released
June 27 – [NON TiE-UP] single released
July 20SAiNT SEX announced reformation to perform at TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL the following month – Aina The End and Ayuni D 
July 26 – New shuffle unit HOLY SHiTS announced – features Cent Chihiro Chittiii. Music video for [WACK is SHiT] released
August 3 ~ 31 – BiSH featured in a collaboration with sweets company UHA Mikakuto, promoting the brands products – each girl taking ownership of one of their products in a competition to see which girl can make the most sales
August 29 – [TO THE END] DVD released and [SHAPE OF LOVE] documentary released
September 5 Cent Chihiro Chittiii‘s [夜王子と月の姫] music video released.
September 7
Aina the End‘s [きえないで] music video released.
September 19Cent Chihiro Chittiii and Aina the End joint solo single [夜王子と月の姫 / きえないで] released. On the same day, Ayuni D announces her solo project, PEDRO, where she sings solo and plays the bass. PEDRO [自律神経出張中] music video released and [zoozoosea] album released
October 16LingLing and Ayuni D take part in NEGLECT ADULT PATiENTS catwalk show
November 8 – [stereo future] music video released
November 15 – BiSH nominated for “Best Newcomer” at the Japan Record Awards
November 22 – BiSH featured in a collaboration with phone company Softbank, recording a song and commercial for their campaign
November 26 – BiSH announce online weekly webseries starting next week
December 3 – Online weekly webseries [BiSH’s KireKire Japan!] starts
December 5 – [stereo future] single released
December 13 – Song [stereo future] used as theme song for PS4 game ‘God Eater 3’
December 18 – BiSH win “Best Newcomer” award
December 22 – Announcement is made that Hashiyasume Atsuko will get her own solo debut single in the next year

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January 9 – Song [二人なら] used as opening theme song for anime [3D Kanojo: Real Girl 2nd Season]
January 30 – [二人なら] digital single released
February 6 – BULLY IDOL (Billie Idle ‘rival’ group) released [そして、また、、(リミックス)] music video – Aina the End and Ayuni D
March 20LingLing and Ayuni D take part in NEGLECT ADULT PATiENTS catwalk show
March 26Ayuni D joins ongoing WACK Joint Audition as mentor, representing BiSH
March 30 – WACK EXHiBiTiON marks end of company wide audition. A PEDRO single is announced for a summer release
April 2 – [遂に死] music video released
April 3 –  [STiCKS] digital EP released and [BRiNG iCiNG SHiT HORSE TOUR “THE NUDE”] live DVD released
May 2 – [I am me.] music video released
May 3 – [CARROTS] digital EP released
June 11 – [DiSTANCE] music video released
June 30Hashiyasume Atsuko Solo [ア・ラ・モード] music video released
June 30 – Song [DiSTANCE] used as ending theme song for TV drama [スカム]
July 3 – [CARROTS and STiCKS] album released and [MORE THAN LiKE] music video released
July 4Hashiyasume Atsuko Solo [ア・ラ・モード] single released
July 7 – Song [MORE THAN LiKE] used as opening theme song for anime [FAIRY TAIL: Final Series]
July 8PEDRO [猫背矯正中] music video released
July 29PEDRO [NIGHT NIGHT] music video released
August 7 – It was announced that BiSH would be presented with a VMA award, ‘Best Alternative Video’ for [stereo future]
August 16 – [GRUNGE WORLD] music video released
August 28PEDRO [THUMB SUCKER] album released
September 18 – BiSH officially presented with VMA award
October 8 – BiSH x COLORR GENERATION collaboration, promoting the company’s hair dye products
October 11 – [リズム] music video released
October 25 – [KiND PEOPLE] music video released
November 6 – [KiND PEOPLE / リズム] single released

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January 15 – [And yet BiSH moves.] live DVD released