EMPiRE Complete History

April 2 – WACK EXHiBiTiON marks end of company wide audition. [Project AW] announced, a collaboration group between WACK and Avex. 2 successful candidates, Gamiya Saki and Momoko Gumi Inc. will be in the group
April 11 – Auditions for other members officially opens for girls aged 14 – 20
May 7 – Deadline for audition applications reached
August 23 – 5 founding members announced – YUKA EMPiRE (ex-Gamiya Saki), YU-Ki EMPiRE (ex-Momoko Gumi Inc.)YUiNA EMPiRE (ex-RisoRiso – eliminated day 5 of WACK Joint Audition 2017)MiDORiKO EMPiRE, and MAYU EMPiRE (ex-Pari Ubu – made it to the finale of the WACK Joint Audition 2017 but wasn’t selected to join WACK)
December 6 – [アカルイミライ] music video released

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February 22 – [Buttocks Beat! Beat!] music video released
March 18 – Following the WACK Joint Audition 2018, EMPiRE gains two new members – Yaya Eightprince and Michihayashi Rio – it is also announced that YUiNA EMPiRE will move to BiS in May
March 31 – [Black to the dreamlight] music video released
April 11 – [MAD LOVE] music video released and [THE EMPiRE STRiKES START!!] album released
April 17 – Song [black to the dreamlight] used as ending theme song for anime ‘Black Clover’ – Episode 28 to 39
April 25 – 2 new members officially debut MAHO EMPiRE and MiKiNA EMPiRE. YUiNA EMPiRE officially leaves group to join BiS. Upcoming EP announced
April 27 – [FOR EXAMPLE??] music video released
July 26 – New shuffle unit HOLY SHiTS announced – features MAHO EMPiRE. Music video for [WACK is SHiT] released
August 17 – [EMPiRE originals] music video released
August 26 – [S.O.S] music video released
September 5 – [EMPiRE originals] album released
October 16MiDORiKO EMPiRE, and MiKiNA EMPiRE take part in NEGLECT ADULT PATiENTS catwalk show

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January 13 – Song [ピアス] used as ending theme song for anime ‘FAIRY TAIL: Final Series’ – Episode 14 to 26
January 29 – [ピアス] music video released and YUKA EMPiRE announces plans to leave group on March 4, citing struggles to balance idol and school life
February 6 – BULLY IDOL (Billie Idle ‘rival’ group) released [そして、また、、(リミックス)] music video – MAHO EMPiRE is the sole EMPiRE member in the group
February 27 – [ピアス] single released
March 3 – [EMPiRE presents TWENTY FOUR HOUR PARTY PEOPLE] 24 hour live stream to commemorate YUKA EMPiRE’s departure from the group
March 4YUKA EMPiRE officially leaves group, and free digital single [SELFiSH PEOPLE] released
March 20MiKiNA EMPiRE and MAHO EMPiRE take part in NEGLECT ADULT PATiENTS catwalk show
March 26MAYU EMPiRE joins ongoing WACK Joint Audition as mentor, representing EMPiRE
March 30 – WACK EXHiBiTiON marks end of company wide audition. EMPiRE gains 1 new member Terayama Yufu. She will debut in April
April 21 – EMPiRE’s new member, NOW EMPiRE (ex-Terayama Yufu), officially revealed
May 9 – [SUCCESS STORY] music video released
June 9 – Song [SUCCESS STORY] announced to be used as opening theme song for the game ‘SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays’
July 17 – [SUCCESS STORY] single released
September 14 – [RiGHT NOW] music video released
October 1 – Song [RiGHT NOW] used as ending theme song for anime ‘Black Clover’ – Episode 103 to 116
October 16 – [RiGHT NOW] single released
November 3 – [Have it my way] music video released
November 15 – [WE ARE THE WORLD] music video released
November 24 – [A journey] music video released
December 17 – [I have a chance!!] music video released
December 18 – [the GREAT JOURNEY ALBUM] album released

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January 3 – It is announced that MiDORiKO EMPiRE will be taking part in the WACK Joint Audition 2020