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GO TO THE BEDS – 22/07/2020


1. 行かなくちゃ?(Lyrics by JxSxK)
2. I don’t say sentiment (Lyrics by Matsukuma Kenta & JxSxK)
3. Don’t go to the bed (Lyrics by Matsukuma Kenta & JxSxK)
4. GO TO THE BEDS is my life (Lyrics by GO TO THE BEDS)
5. パッパラパー (Lyrics by Yumeno Yua)
6. SCREWY DANCER (Lyrics by Yamamachi Miki)
7. MISSING (Lyrics by Yamamachi Miki)
8. Where are you? (Lyrics by Can GP Maika)
9. EGOIST (Lyrics by Terashima Yuuka)
10. ROOM (Lyrics by Matsukuma Kenta & Yui Ga Dockson)
11. GROOVE (Lyrics by Yumeno Yua)
12. VILLAIN (Lyrics by Yamamachi Miki)