GO ZEELA / ゴ・ジーラ


  • Birthday: August 26, 1994
  • Age: 27
  • Joined: September 3, 2016 (Reformed BiS founding member)
  • Left: May 11, 2019 (Reformed BiS disbandment)
  • Audition name: ヨコヤマヒナ / Yokoyama Hina
  • “Monster” member
  • Lyrics written: Twisted Grunge / SAY YES / Never Starting Song / Did not / イツカヤラレルゾ

She admits that she finds it difficult to show emotions. During the BiS audition, in her final appeal time, she apologised that she couldn’t cry like everyone else. She did cry, however, once Pour Lui’s name was called out after her’s to be a part of the second chapter of BiS. She cried only then because she wanted to be in BiS alonside Pour Lui. [x]

She previously worked full-time in an office. [x]

She is experienced in Karate, and has been doing it since she was in kindergarten. [x]

She decided that she wanted to become an idol as she originally loved watching bands play live, especially at Osaka Castle Hall, where she dreamed of performing. As she can’t play any instruments, she figured she’d apply for BiSH as they were gaining momentum and would likely be performing there. She didn’t pass the audition process. [x]

With the BiS reformation auditions coming up, Watanabe called her and asked her if she wanted to participate in the audition. Until then, she had been working everyday in an office, and with BiS set to release an album in November, she realised she couldn’t do both. After weighing up both options, she decided to quit her job and attend the audition. [x]

She was a secondary member of SAiNT SEX, replacing Pour Lui after she left WACK. She also appeared in a music video for THE 夏の魔物 in late 2018 [x]

On August 1st she opened an Instagram account under the name 綾称 / Ayana. She revealed that since leaving BiS, she’s got married and gave birth to her first daughter in April 2020. [x]

Reformed BiS – Main Group – September 3, 2016 – May 11, 2019 (founding member)
 SAiNT SEX – Shuffle Unit – February 6, 2019

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