Hug Me / ハグ・ミィ

  • Birthday: September 11, 1990
  • Age: 31
  • Height: 151cm
  • Joined: March 2015 (BiSH Founding member)
  • Left: June 2016
  • Previous groups: バクステ外神田一丁目 / Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome, AKIHABARA BACKSTAGE PASS, Dear☆Stage
  • Lyrics written: HUG ME / 身勝手あいにーじゅー

Hug Me was always very quiet and would spend most of her time on the internet. [x]

She is a huge porn fan. While in BiSH, she wrote articles for a porn site here. She would write reviews for getting a brazilian wax the same way that people write about going to a nail salon. [x]

During her time in BiSH, Hug Me was concered about what her place is in the group. After reading Chittiii’s interview in IDOL AND READ 005, where she said how herself and Aina are the two pillars holding BiSH up, Hug Me wondered if she was even necessary. At that time, it felt like her, Momoko, LingLing, and Hashiyasume weren’t really part of the group, despite trying so hard. She wondered if she wasn’t contributing enough [x]

She also found her age playing on her mind, as she was older than the other members, and closer to the age of the original BiS members. She felt like there was only one role for her to take. [x]

She was a huge fan of BiS and joined BiSH for that very reason. She sees a lot of similarities between Pour Lui and herself. While Chittiii is the captain of the group, she sees her as more a Yufu figure. However, she was sure to not make further comparisions to BiS, because since the group’s inceptions, most fans are quick to comment and compare the two. She was also frustrated about some fans making comments on 2ch about how Watanabe has brainwashed her, to make all these dirty jokes, when she’s in fact always been this way. [x]

Before joining BiSH, in November 2011, Hug Me was a member of AKIHABARA BACKSTAGE PASS – an idol themed cafe for aspiring idols. She was a first generation member in their idol group named, Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome, going by the name Amatani Midori. She left the company in December 2012.

After leaving AKIHABARA BACKSTAGE PASS, she did some modeling work, under the name of 大沢みどり / Osawa Midori [x] [x]

Starting March 15, 2013, she started working at the idol bar Dear Stage, under the name of Kisemimori [x] She graduated February 26, 2015.

She left BiSH in June 2016 due to ‘family circumstances’.

AKIHABARA BACKSTAGE PASSIdol Cafe – November 2011 – December 2012 (as 雨谷碧莉 / Amatani Midori)
バクステ外神田一丁目 – Idol Unit – November 2011 – December 2012 (as 雨谷碧莉 / Amatani Midori)
– 2012 – 2013 (as 大沢みどり / Osawa Midori)
DEAR STAGE / ディアステージ – Idol Bar – March 15, 2013 – February 26, 2015 (as 貴瀬美守 / Kisemimori)
BiSH – Idol Group – March 2015 (founding member) – June 2016 (as ハグ・ミィ / Hug Me)

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