MANAKO CHiii MANAKO / マナコ・チー・マナコ

  • Birthday: January 9 [x]
  • Joined: June 11, 2019 (3rd Generation BiS founding member)
  • Left: August 13, 2019
  • Height: 160.5cm [x]
  • Lyrics written: strawberry girl / 少年の歌

She plays bass [x]

She is a fan of various subcultures. For example: Maruo Suehiro’s ‘Shoujo Tsubaki’, Hirasawa Susumu and his band P-MODEL, Togawa Jun, and Visual Kei from the 90’s, like GLAY’s HISASHI. [x]

She was never interested in idols at all, but was into various subcultures. Through this, she found the original BiS, just before they broke up. From there, she went on to become addicted to all WACK artists and she idol culture slowly started to creep into her life. [x]

At this time, she was just starting out in high school and was wondering if it was really okay to just let life pass by, thinking about the future and employment. She kept thinking about how they’d be nothing left behind if you just dropped down dead. This was when she saw that application guidelines for BiS, “a person who can understand the activities of the first generation of BiS”. She says it truly was a message from the heavens. [x]

She previously applied for the 2019 WACK training camp audition, but only out of curiousity, so she failed. Her feelings are completely different to that time. [x]

As a fan of the original BiS, she fully understands the meaning behind their more controversial music videos and why they were made. She is prepared to do anything for BiS. [x]

She became the second member to reach 15,000 followers, thus revealing her bare face, on August 1, 2019 – just a little over an hour after Itou Musensiteebu [x]

She left BiS on August 13, 2019 because she didn’t agree with the direction BiS was going, as she was aiming for something else. [x]

3rd Generation BiS – Main Group – June 11, 2019 – August 13, 2019 (founding member) (as マナコ・チー・マナコ / MANAKO CHiii MANAKO)

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