Matilder Twins / マチルダー・ツインズ

  • Joined: November 24, 2021 (ASP)

She has a twin sister, also in ASP, named Wonker Twins. She believes that the two of them share a telepathic connection. [x]

She also has a pet cat who she sings to. She particularly likes to sing ASP’s song [M] to her cat, because of the lyrics “it’s your fault I’m crazy”. [x]

Before joining WACK, she had no previous idol experience. She found WACK through watching BiSH’s live performances on YouTube, and then moved on to GANG PARADE and EMPiRE. Her favourite is BiSH song is [Spark] and likes Momoko the most, admiring her personality and lyrical abilities. [x]

After worrying about what her future holds, being unemployed with no qualifications, she spoke with Wonker and decided to apply for the audition after seeing the WACK yearly training camp audition. [x]

In the interview she sung ASP’s song [Dear Rockstar] but struggled during the talking segments. She was called back from the group interview to sing BiS’s song [STUPiD] before she left for the day. It rained on the day of the interview, so she arrived soaked after spending so much time on getting her hair and makeup right. After the group interview, Watanabe told her that she could take his umbrella home. Her and her sister were in different groups, Watanabe saw her first and didn’t know she was a twin. It wasn’t until Wonker went into the interview after her did he realize and told Wonker that they’d passed. She was never told directly that she was also successful, initially thinking that only her sister made it. It wasn’t until Wonker asked him if Matilder passed also that he said yes. [x]

Her mother picked them both up from the station after the audition and was suprised that her mother didn’t think they’d actually pass. [x]

ASP – Idol Group – November 24, 2021 – Present Day

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