Michibayashi Rio / ミチバヤシリオ


  • Birthday: September 6, 1991
  • Age: 30
  • Height: 158cm 
  • Joined: April 15, 2012 (Original BiS)
  • Left: September 22, 2013
  • “Gross” member
  • Lyrics written: BLEW / CHELSEA

She got married on May 20, 2018. [x] Ex-BiS members Pour Lui and First Summer Uika attended the wedding.

She was always open about now wanting to be an idol forever. She agreed with Watanabe when joining BiS that she would only continue on until reaching her early 20s, as she wanted to work on establishing a career for herself. [x]

Despite leaving BiS, she did return to the stage to perform at the BiS final disbanding live in 2014.

On March 23, 2016, she was involved in Hirano Nozomi’s solo song titled, どうせ消えてしまう命なら… The song itself and music video, featured ex-BiS members First Summer Uika, Tentenko, and Kamiya Saki. [x] The song features of BILLIE IDLE’s EP ‘”4 in 1″ THE OFFICIAL BOOTLEG’

After Pour Lui started her YouTube career, she featured in some videos alongside her and other Ex-BiS members. [x]

• Original BiS – Main Group – April 15, 2012 – September 22, 2013

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