Nameless / ナ前ナ以

  • Joined: March 27, 2021 (ASP)
  • ASP Member Number: 002
  • Lyrics Written: GAZE / Let’s go as a weirdo

She didn’t particularly want to become an idol, or sing on stage, she just wanted to do anything to change her life. She didn’t know of WACK long before applying for the 2021 WACK Audition. After researching the company, she found BiS to be the group that touched her heart the most. She stated to Watanabe during her audition that she wasn’t interested in being in a new group, she just wanted to join BiS. When pressed on this issue by Watanabe during ASP’s first Natalie interview, she said nothing and simply covered her hand over the voice recorder. [x]

Despite passing the inital audition, she didn’t take part in the training camp, as she was offered to join WACK after her interview. Watanabe decided to do this to keep her mysterious, unknown to the public before her debut, but also because he didn’t think she’d make it through the training camp. [x]

ASP – Idol Group – March 27, 2021 – Present Day (founding member)

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