NANO3 / ナノ3

  • Joined: November 4, 2021
  • Height: 153.5/154cm [x]

Originally from Saitama prefecture, she loved playing basketball in junior high school. In high school, she prefered spending time talking with her friends while visiting the shopping mall. [x]

She’s always struggled to express her opinion, and that her will is weak, just going along with what others say is best. She hopes that being in WACK will help change this. [x]

Nano first fell in love with idols after discovering AKB48 in elementary school (aged 6-12). She wasn’t interested in any celebrities before but loved ASKB48’s song [大声ダイヤモンド] so started to look into them. [x]

When COVID-19 hit, she had a lot of free time at home and found BiSH. She watched them a lot on YouTube, and through this, found WACK. Her favourite group still remains BiSH, she is particularly a fan of Cent Chihiro Chittiii. [x]

She took part in the BiS/ASP joint audition in August 2021, being the only successful candidate to join the 3rd Generation of BiS. During the interview, she attempted to sing ASP’s [A Song of Punk] but her mind went blank and she messed up the lyrics. She struggled to speak up during the group interview sections and thought she’d definitely failed. The next day she was invited back for another interview, imediately agreeing. This time she sung BiS’s [TOUCH ME] and was able to perform a lot better than before. At the end of the interview, she was asked what group she wanted to join. She said that she wants to join WACK, so was asked a second time, which group do you want to join. She then said BiS. She had seen on YouTube the 5 hour long video of BiS performing [CURTAiN CALL] 105 times and thought that was really cool and wanted to do the same. [x]

After the interview she went about her daily life, working her part time job. Upon finishing her shift and checking her phone, she saw 3 missed calls from Watanabe. When she called him back, he thanked her for coming and said “you’re in BiS”. [x]

Her mother was fine with her joining BiS, but her grandmother had some initial concerns, thinking it was best for her to just stay as things are, but came around after seeing her mind was made up. [x]

• 3rd Generation BiS – Main Group – November 4, 2021

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