NEO TREES / ネオ・トゥリーズ

  • Joined: June 11, 2019 (3rd Generation BiS founding member)
  • Height: 150cm [x]
  • Lyrics written: Good Bye / 1,2,3,!!! / テレフォン / I ain’t weak maybe..

After an interviewer pointed out, she agreed that she is a negative person. She also says that she doesn’t really have emotions and doesn’t have an interest in other people. [x]

She had no interest in talking to anyone at school, and would always refuse if people offered her to eat lunch with them, choosing to eat alone. [x]

Despite being uninterested in people, she found the book ‘Zekka’ the autobiography of ‘Boy A’ – the child killer responsible for the Kobe child murders in 1997. The book details the events leading up to his crimes. [x]

She loves watching YouTube videos, and is a fan of ASMR [x]

She’s been a WACK fan after getting into BiS during her time in high school, after hearing ‘I can’t say NO!!!!!!’. [xThis then led her to discover her favourite group, BiSH, where she fell in love with their music. The first group she ever went to see live was BiSH, and her favourite song by them is ‘FOR HiM’ which made her cry when she first listened to it. She cried again while telling the story during BiS’s first radio show. [x] She started wishing to do what they do and thus applied for the WACK audition 2 years in a row. She failed the 2018 and 2019 joint auditions at the document checking stages. [x] Going to the BiS audition was her first ever interview so she went completely unprepared. [x]

She became the third member to reach 15,000 followers, thus revealing her bare face, on August 2, 2019 [x]

3rd Generation BiS – Main Group – June 11, 2019 (founding member) (as ネオ・トゥリーズ / NEO TREES)

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