TOGGY / トギー

  • Joined: June 11, 2019 (3rd Generation BiS founding member)
  • Audition name: オキタユア / Okita Yua
  • Height: 148cm [x]
  • Lyrics written: ナンデスカ? / FUCKiNG OUT / どっきゅんばっきゅん

She bullied by a lot of her peers in school after some popular girls because interested in her, which other girls couldn’t understand. They would talk to her but then talk badly about her to others behind her back. She didn’t particularly care what other people thought about her, though, so she wasn’t too affected by this, as it would only happen every so often. At it’s worst, the people sat either side of her in class would talk over her, about how much they hate her. During this, she’d just pretend not to hear them. Despite being bullied, she still had other friends as normal in other classes. [x]

She was never in any school clubs and never did anything outside of school, prefering to just go home. She also never had any hobbies, which caused her some anxiety. [x]

Her parents were always against her becoming an idol, and would try to convince her to change her mind. After passing the BiS audition, they were pleased for her and said that they always knew she’d pass. [x]

Her life changed after she saw BiSH a few times on TV and fell in love with the lyrics of their songs. Following BiSH, she found Coco Partin Coco on Twitter, through a photo with Aina The End. From there, she fell in love with Coco and GANG PARADE. Her love then drove her to go see them perform live, despite never being out of her little local area. As they came out on stage, she had a vision of herself standing there, so applied to the WACK 2018 audition. She ultimately failed at the document checking stages, but couldn’t let go of the vision that she had for herself being on stage. [x]

A year later, she took part in the WACK 2019 audition under the name Okita Yua. On the first day, she ranked 5th/22 in the singing evaluation. For the rest of the her time in the audition camp, she consistantly ranked in the middle of audience votes and morning marathons until her last few days where she dwindled to the bottom. She was kicked out on day 5 after failing to perform the most squats to BiS’s song ‘Paprika’. [x]

She became the fifth and final member to reach 15,000 followers, thus revealing her bare face, on August 2, 2019 – less than 10 minutes after Chantmonkee [x]

3rd Generation BiS – Main Group – June 11, 2019 (founding member) (as トギー / TOGGY)

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