URUU RU / ウルウ・ル

  • Birthday: February 7
  • Age: Unknown
  • Joined: August 14, 2018 (Wagg Founding member)
  • Left: December 24, 2020
  • Lyrics written: やさしい世界 / WEATHERCOCK / pretender / 23:59 / YOUNG SPEECH

Her name comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia for crying/being moved to tears. Despite this name, she says that she never really cries, even in emotional situations like graduations, etc. [x]

When asked what she was like as a child, she recounted a home movie she watching recently. In it she was eating rice crackers with her cousin and two other children. Her cousin ate the last one and started crying because they were all gone, so Uruu Ru spat out everything in her mouth for him to eat. This only made him cry more. In other home movies she saw, where she was playing with some local kids, she had a really annoyed look on her face. She believes she is the type of person that kind hide their emotions. [x]

She liked to make things from other things, and always liked drawing as it helped her keep calm. [x]

When she was very young, her father, who loves music, took her to Fuji Rocks, a music festival. She hated music for a time because of this experience. The sound was so loud, the crowds kept sweeping her away, and the performer was showing their arse up on stage. She always wanted to avoid going to concerts, but her love for Rie Kaneko and LADY BABY helped her break that. [x]

She played the piano for 3 years but is now unable to. In junior high school, she was in the school orchestra and would play percussion instruments and the drums. [x]

For a time, in elementary and junior high school, she wanted to be a comedian. Not because it was something she was really interested in, but because she liked making people laugh. It still makes her happy when people laugh at her weird little quirks. She doesn’t see it as being made fun of, as she can take the joke and laugh at herself. [x]

She applied for WAgg after hearing BiSH’s [本当本気] as she fell in love with the lyrics, and from there went on to listen to all their albums. She wanted to apply for WAgg so she could sing all of WACK’s cool songs. [x]

She graduated from WAgg August 25, 2019, to become a founding member in new group, CARRY LOOSE.

After CARRY LOOSE disbanded, she remained in WACK for a couple of months before deciding to leave the company on December 24, 2020 .

WAgg – Trainee Idol Group – August 14, 2018 – August 25, 2019 (founding member)
• HOLY SHiTS – Shuffle Unit – August 4, 2019
• CARRY LOOSE – Idol Group – September 4, 2019 – October 31, 2020 (founding member)

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