• Birthday: March 14
  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 165cm
  • Joined: August 23, 2017 (EMPiRE founding member)
  • Left: March 4, 2019
  • Audition name: ガミヤサキ / Gamiya Saki
  • Lyrics written: LiTTLE BOY / コノ世界ノ片隅デ / Talk about

Her parents were incredibly laid back, and let her do whatever she pleased with no pressure to study. She was jealous how other children worried about their parents, who gave them boundaries. Even when she told them of her idea to become an idol, and once she passed the auditions, their response was simply ‘OK’ as always. [x]

She never had any interest in idols until she came across Momoiro Clover Z in junior high school and fell in love. Before them, she found idol’s high pitched voices and cutesy gestures annoying. She started to realise that her preconceived notion of what idols were was in fact wrong, and from there she started to listen to them more. She quickly decided that she wants to become an idol, to be just like them. There was another student who loved idols and told her about BiSH. She loved how cool they were. This person is the one who encouraged her to apply for the WACK audition. [x]

In high school she studied English, and went to Australia on a student exchange for a month. She didn’t get along with her first host family, particularly the mother. When she left them, as a goodbye the host mother stuck her middle finger up at Yuka and said “fuck you”. She then went onto another host family who were a lot nicer. [x]

She almost missed out on her change to attend the audition. Watanabe called her 3 or 4 times before she answered. She hates picking up a call from an unknown number. It was good she did, though, as Watanabe told her it was his last time trying to reach her. She spent a few days thinking the offer over as she had already been accepted into a Tokyo university and was planning to move there. After some deliberation she chose the shot at becoming an idol over university. [x]

On April 2, 2017, she passed the audition, along with YU-Ki EMPiRE, where it was announced that they would be a part of a future group. At that stage, it was simply known as “Project AW” – A collaboration project between Avex and WACK. This group was then releaved to be EMPiRE on August 23, 2017. [x]

She graduated from EMPiRE on March 4, 2019. In a final interview she revealed that she had been struggling to balance being an idol with schooling. She also revealed how none of the members are particularly close, so she didn’t have anyone to talk to about the issue, other than her school friends. [x]

EMPiRE – Main Group – August 23, 2017 – March 4, 2019 (founding member)

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